Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely (2009)

5520D4A5-EA32-4D00-8820-0FC0F34051D4Most people believe that the choices they make are logical and rational. But, marketing experts know that this is not the case. This book examines the subject of behavioural economics and proves that we are indeed, Predictably Irrational. Exploring such subjects as relativity, marketing influences, social norms, and much more, this book explains the ways in which we can be manipulated, not just as consumers.

This book helps the reader by identifying the tricks that are used to influence our decisions, so that we can learn from them in order to make better choices. It contains many research experiments to emphasize the author’s conclusions. The author also weighs in on behavioural influences that affects decision making, such as heightened emotions and procrastination.

This is not a bad book, yet I struggled a bit trying to get through it. I did not find the the writing style to be particularly engaging. I also found the author’s overall presentation of the information to be a little mundane. However, the information itself was truly fascinating and thought-provoking. This book would be best recommended to people who are very interested in behavioural economics and do not mind a bit of a dry read.

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