Rewire Your Anxious Brain by Catherine M. Pittman, PhD & Elizabeth M. Karle, MLIS (2015)

1FCBD1D6-592C-4DB4-A7F8-49886686CBB2In this book, the authors explain some basic information about the study of neuroscience and how this knowledge can help people who suffer from feelings of anxiety, fear, worry and panic. It assists the reader in understanding why these emotions arise. At the same time, this book offers solutions in dealing with these often debilitating emotions. The authors offer the reader techniques to rewire the brain in order to minimize these difficult emotions.

The authors report that feelings of anxiety originate from two areas of the brain, either separately or in conjunction with each other. The authors claim that recognizing which part of the brain the anxiety stems from will assist the reader in combatting these feelings. After providing a basic understanding of how the brain works, techniques and strategies are offered to assist the reader in reducing anxiety and other related negative emotions. 

This book contains somewhat technical language concerning the brain and reads very much like a textbook, which I found to be boring at times and difficult to get through. I also found it to be repetitive and wordy, even though it is a relatively small book. And, unfortunately, the techniques and strategies offered in this book are quite common to other such books on this same subject. Therefore, due to the dull writing style and lack in providing any unique strategies or techniques, I would not recommend this book to anyone. There are equally informative books about this topic available that are much more interesting to read.

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