Reality Unveiled by Ziad Madrid (2017)

39DC43C6-D5AD-4FC5-87AD-2947D2E240E4This book contains spiritual teachings and is a little different from many other books in this same genre. Most spiritual books merely cover one or two new-age type concepts. However, this book takes most of the common concepts known to new-age followers and condenses them into a more complete spiritual overview, while citing other resources for further information. At the same time, this is not a positive thinking or Law of Attraction type of book. The author focuses solely on individual spiritual growth and the betterment of Mankind.

In this book, the author briefly covers some basic quantum physics in order to illustrate the true nature of reality. He also outlines a few scientific experiments to prove that reality, as most people understand it, is an illusion. In addition, information concerning near-death experiences, channeling, and extraterrestrials are also examined by the author and used to explain the ultimate reality of our existence. Predictions about a spiritual evolution for Mankind are also presented, as well as what we can do as individuals to ensure our participation in this evolution. 

I liked the basic message of this book regarding unconditional love, and feel that this book may be of benefit to others. This book provides a perfect summary of a new spiritual philosophy that has gained momentum over the past few decades. It is a great starter book for anyone interested in learning about spirituality, and a good refresher for those already familiar with this subject. It is an easy and fast read which I would recommend to anyone with an open mind and a desire to learn more about a non-religious type of spirituality.

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