Ordinary to Extraordinary: An Inspired Guide to Living the Life of Your Dreams by Tabatha DeBruyn (2017)

CEC18FF3-572E-44F4-8B68-BC542BD48A92This book contains the usual information found in most self-help books. It is all about re-training the subconscious mind by using positive thinking and affirmations, then following your intuition. The tips are practical and simple to do. It’s your standard Law of Attraction type of book.

Although I normally enjoy these types of books, I was not terribly impressed by this one. This self-published book seemed more like an attempt by the author to promote herself and her business, rather than a sincere attempt to help the reader. There are small snippets of quotes by the author and client testimonials included throughout this book which I believe would be perhaps more suitable for her website.

If you are new to the Law of Attraction, this book might be helpful to you. It is somewhat motivational but lacks the powerful and inspiring affects that other books in this genre provide. The exercises in the book, that the author insists the reader must do, lacked any sort of real beneficial assistance, unless you are new to making affirmations. Overall, I would not recommend this book unless you were looking for an introductory guide on learning how to transform your thinking from negative to positive. I found that this book failed to truly inspire in order to obtain lasting results.

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