The Game of Life And How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn (1925)

AF5606C9-7F38-4172-B263-9E1B819FBBABThis oldie but a a goodie was originally self-published by the author in 1925, and remains popular even today. The author’s philosophy is that life is not a battle to struggle with, but instead, it’s a game to be played. And, the rules for this game are based on spiritual laws, and the bible. But, this is not a religious book. I believe it’s a sincere attempt to awaken people to authentic living. One that is based on good health, happiness, and greater abundance in all areas of our lives. 

Even though this book has had many reprintings, the formatting is not up to today’s standards and very much has the look of a self-published book. There’s not even a table of contents. But, that’s part of its charm. The messages themselves are powerful and inspiring even though the book itself is small.  In fact, you can also buy The Game of Life affirmation and inspiration cards which is a 51 card deck containing uplifting quotes from the book.

This book should be suitable for most Law of Attraction fans as well as those interested in spiritual enlightenment. It is a thought provoking, feel-good type of read. I just loved this book and recommend it to anyone struggling in any way. This book offers hope and concepts on how to truly be happy and achieve your dreams. This book is a keeper. One that I’ll be reading again and again.

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