Waking Up In Heaven by Crystal McVea and Alex Tresniowski (2013)

A2C16836-DBD0-45BD-9B52-6DDAC28E0D14This well-written book is the remarkable life story of Crystal McVea. Her story includes a near-death experience, which is broken down into little segments throughout the book. This book reads like fiction, but is nevertheless a true story. The book describes the author’s life before her near-death experience and explains how she was profoundly affected afterwards.

Crystal is a schoolteacher and mother who was 32 years old when she found herself in hospital and unexpectedly stopped breathing for 9 minutes. Her story is a deeply touching narrative which pulls at the heartstrings. Her struggles with life in general, as well as her spiritual beliefs, are refreshingly honest and very relatable. It took real courage for the author to put her story in print. Near the end of the book, the author does share her Christian beliefs, but it is not done in a judgemental way.

I enjoyed this book immensely. I could not put this book down and read it in just a couple of days. Having read a few books on this topic, I found this one to be the most interesting. Anyone curious about near-death experiences should enjoy this book. This would also be suitable for those who appreciate a truly inspiring read.

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