The Map of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D. (2014)

98E91CAE-0075-4B8B-BA00-84F6C2799125I recently found this little book in a used bookstore. On the title page, the original owner wrote the date they finished reading the book, along with the words, “Hopeful” and “Meaningful”. Therefore, I had high hopes for this being a very good book, which is subtitled: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife.

The author briefly recounts some information about his near-death experience which is more detailed in his first book, Proof of Heaven. Also included in this book are letters from regular people describing their own extraordinary spiritual experiences. The author writes in depth about the importance of merging science and spirituality in order to get a complete and balanced understanding of our existence.

Although I thought the subject matter of this book was profound and interesting, I found the writing style of the author to be flat and without emotion. However, the content is indeed meaningful and could provide hope to those new to this subject. I would not recommend this book to seasoned readers on this topic as there are no new fresh insights and only a vague description of the afterlife is provided. This book is more suited to someone unfamiliar with this genre and is looking more for a textbook-like read.

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