The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart by Anna Bell (2016)


After a year long romance, Abigail Martin is shocked when her boyfriend, Joseph Small, abruptly ends their relationship, saying they are not compatible. When she finally pulls herself together, she devises a plan to win him back. The plan involves a bucket list full of things Abi is not keen on doing. But, time is of the essence since Joseph will surely find another girlfriend soon, Abi reasons.

Abi found the list in a box of her belongings Joseph dropped off after their break up. Joseph never told her about his bucket list, so Abi hopes that if she can complete the list, she will prove that they are compatible and then she and Joseph can get back together. Abi proceeds to challenge herself by confronting her fears and tackling the list head on. Abi hopes to impress Joseph by posting her adventures on Facebook. The pressure is on but Abi is determined to see the list through with the help of her friends.

I really loved this book and found it to be a real page turner that was fun and interesting to read. The fast-paced story and believable dialogue kept me engrossed in Abi’s adventures. Those who enjoy a light-hearted romance novel, mixed with humour and suspense, will certainly love this story. This is a perfect book for a rainy weekend or a summer holiday read at the beach.

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