How to Make Sh*t Happen by Sean Whalen

8921D506-F694-4BF5-94F4-B9130C48EFC2Thinking this was a Law of Attraction book, I was looking forward to reading it. But instead, it appeared to be the philosophy of a business coach. I get the impression this was a self-published book. There are no page numbers and the size of the font is incredibly large. Despite the title of this book, I did not expect the amount of continuous cursing in this book. It was over the top and very off-putting.

The writer attempts to explain a program he developed called Core 4. This program addresses issues concerning the body, relationships, the mind and business. It is a good common sense approach, but very simplistic in nature. Maybe a little too simplistic. But, if you like the type of book that seems to scream at you, with a just do it type of incentive, you may find this book helpful. At the end of each Core 4 concept is a to do list. It even tells you what books titles you should read for further assistance and advises the reader to utilize google for further information.

I did not find this book to be helpful at all. Maybe as a business coach he needs to have an in your face working style, but all of the swearing and aggressive writing style caused me not take this book seriously. I found it overshadowed any good advice he may have offered. I believe their are much better self-help books out there. I would recommend not wasting your money on this one. 

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