Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris (2000)

349C3DD9-C810-46CA-AA7F-A6D465E1A1B1This amusing book is a compilation of various autobiographical short stories which span the author’s life from the time he was a young boy, to more recent events as an adult, although it is not always in chronological order. Much like everyone, the author has had high points and low points in his life. In this book, the stories range from being innocent and endearing, to others that are a little more serious with its mature themes.

Some of the memories the author shares include such topics as: overcoming a speech impediment, being forced as a child to learn a musical instrument, trying to learn the French language, trying his hand at becoming an artist, various stories of his family and friends, his experiences at some of the jobs he has had, and his struggles with addiction. Throughout these stories, the author consistently pokes fun at himself, which makes this a humorous read.

Some readers may be offended by the material, or simply consider it to be too juvenile. There is some extremely course language, and a lack of political correctness at times. But, it is all presented in an honest and comical way that makes this an interesting book. This is not a complicated piece of work by any means. It is not a literary masterpiece, but it is witty and fun.

Overall, I liked this book, and, at times, it made me chuckle and smile. I found it to be uniquely funny and hard to put down. The book was easy to follow and a very simple read. It is a perfect rainy weekend, or vacation book that can be read quickly over just a few days. If you are merely looking for something entertaining and a little silly to read, and you are not easily offended, you will most likely enjoy this book.

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