Your Infinite Power to Be Rich by Joseph Murphy (1966)

66BD2F3A-B933-4F77-8905-9AD4FFBC72B1Originally published in 1966, this classic Law of Attraction book differs from many of the contemporary teachings in this genre. A lot of books nowadays seem to focus on an infinite field of energy as the source behind the power of manifestation. However, this book gives full credit for this power to God. It is the connection, or merging, of the subconscious mind with the infinite mind of God which will bring about all that you desire, according to the author. And so, this book explains how it is done.

Each chapter has various stories from people who have followed Mr. Murphy’s teachings and have attributed their success to the concepts they have learned from him. At the end of each chapter, there is a summary of the lessons learned, which is helpful for quick and easy reference. There are many tips, affirmations and prayers to aid the reader in changing their belief systems in order to create a wealth consciousness and influence the subconscious mind from one of lack, to one of prosperity. In many chapters, the reasons which cause a lack of abundance are also explored. In addition, the author provides many biblical quotes to inspire and confirm that living a happy, healthy and successful life is not only possible, it is God’s will.

I have read several books about the Law of Attraction, but none similar to this one. The ideas put forth in this book seem more believable, more doable, than any other teachings I’ve ever read, and is generally more inspiring. You can’t help but be filled with hope in manifesting the life you desire when reading this book.

I would recommend this book to all those who have extensive knowledge on the Law of Attraction, as well as to those who are unfamiliar with the subject. There’s something in it for everyone. Even though this book was written decades ago, the concepts are timeless.

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