Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper (2015)

35F4F6DE-D2FC-453B-9467-9C8E70147097Set out on her last grand adventure of a lifetime, this is the story of an 83 year old woman, Etta, who one morning decides to leave her husband, Otto, and their farmhouse in the Canadian prairies, in order to walk all the way to Nova Scotia so that she might see the ocean. Making this trek even more dangerous, Etta suffers from memory loss making her confused and even more vulnerable.

At the same time, this book is intertwined with multiple flash backs of the main characters, which is where the real heart of this story lies. The touching backstory for Etta and Otto provides such depth to the character development, you can’t help but find yourself engrossed in the story and in love with the characters.

This sweet and endearing 305 page novel caught my attention right from the very start. I just couldn’t put it down! What I liked most about this book were the letters Etta and Otto wrote to each other, both in the past, while Otto was off to war, and then in the present, while Etta is travelling to the east coast. The subtle romantic element will warm your heart.

To see the blossoming of love, a missed opportunity for love, and the courage it takes to walk into the unknown, is all awaiting the reader in this fast and easy read.

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