The Choice for Love by Dr Barbara De Angelis (2017)

007B95EB-C6BE-4F7A-998F-0129C930DC43This beautifully written book explores the virtues of being both compassionate and loving, and the ways in which these assets can improve your life, the lives of the people you know, and the world at large. Filled with many tips and suggestions, in this book the author humbly recounts her own personal journey, when she failed, when she succeeded, and how it all assisted her with her personal path to self-transformation. Using her life’s circumstances as examples, the author sets out to help you to transcend your own issues and challenges which may be blocking you from being the loving soul you were meant to be.

The book examines the ways in which you can raise your energy (or vibration) by being more compassionate and loving, without being pulled into the dramas of your everyday life or the lives of other people, which the author states only tends to drag you down physically, emotionally and spiritually. This book explains why self-love is so important, and clarifies the behaviours that mistakenly get confused for being loving, but really are not.

This is one of my favourite personal growth books I’ve read in quite some time. In this 281 page book, the way in which the author so lovingly presents the material, it is very easy to understand and you can feel your own heart open and expand. She delves so deeply into each issue, I couldn’t help but feel encouraged and transformed with each turn of the page.

If you feel that you could benefit from having, or giving, more love and compassion in your life, I would highly recommend this extraordinary book. I believe this book would especially be useful for those who find themselves in a supportive or caregiving role, either personally or professionally.

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