The Awakened Millionaire by Joe Vitale (2016)

93D0CE7E-2578-4D7B-923C-BBD3D6EA26A6When I received this book, I thought it was just a generalized book on how to attract money using the Law of Attraction. However, this book is aimed towards entrepreneurs, and therefore, is not suitable for the average person.

On the other hand, if you have your own business, or are thinking of starting one, you may find this book to be useful. This is especially true for those who consider themselves to be spiritual in nature and struggle with merging their spirituality with their business practices. This book links spiritual concepts with the daily operations of a business venture. Also included in this book are suggestions on how to use your passion to start and grow your own business that will not only benefit yourself, but your customers and your community at large.

In this book, there is some information on spirituality-based marketing tips, how to deal with feelings of fear, doubt and victimhood, especially when starting a new business, and much, much more. It explores your relationship with money and how any limiting beliefs could be hindering you from obtaining the success you really deserve.

At the back of the book is a bonus section which includes ten principles of the Awakened Millionaire and provides an exercise for each principle to help the reader get practical experience incorporating these ideas into their daily lives. These exercises are mostly about self-exploration in order to help the reader evolve spiritually and provide personal growth. There is also some information on what could be blocking a person’s success, interviews by the author, and much more. The bonus section is just as valuable as the book itself.

Overall this book was an interesting read, and easy to follow. I think a small business owner or start up business would find this book beneficial in a spiritual sense. It is inspiring and somewhat practical regarding business matters. It’s not a guide on how to start a business, but it is helpful in giving the entrepreneur a spiritual basis on how to be focused, grounded and achieve the success they desire.



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