The Magic by Rhonda Byrne (2012)


The Magic offers a detailed 28-day program for improving your life using the concepts of the Law of Attraction, specifically visualization and especially gratitude. If you’ve found that after reading, The Secret, (also written by Rhonda Byrne) that you aren’t having much success manifesting the things that you desire, this program could be for you.

It has been said that it takes 28 days to form a habit, so this program is somewhat similar on Day One as it is on Day 28. Some things you do everyday, and a few new tasks are added each day. All of the tasks are simple and very easy to do. The daily tasks are summarized at the end of each chapter for easy reference, which I think is quite helpful.

The problem I had with the this program was finding the time to do the daily tasks, therefore, I didn’t get as much from the book as I could have, if I had committed myself to the day to day exercises. I found that the book lacks a real sense of creating motivation for the reader to follow the book’s suggestions that some other Law of Attraction books offer. You need to have a good sense of self-discipline in order to stick with the program outlined in this book, especially if you don’t notice any real results right away, which I found to be discouraging.

But, I found the book useful just the same. The author’s stories alone are very inspiring and are interesting to read. I found that when I truly executed the concepts in this book, things started to change in my life for the better. So, if you can make the time to read each chapter daily, then do the exercises each day, you will probably find the book beneficial. Otherwise it may just remain on your shelf gathering dust.


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